Neurosurgical operations are performed at the Keruen-Medicus clinic!

29 октября 2018



In the department of neurosurgery, the whole complex of neurosurgical operations is carried out, as well as modern achievements in the field of neurosurgery:


- microsurgical removal of brain neoplasms

- ventriculo-peritoneal shunts for hydrocephalus

endoscopic fenestration of the floor of the third ventricle (tri-ventriculostomy) for hydrocephalus

- removal of intracranial, intracerebral hematomas as after trauma, and as a result of an acute violation of cerebral circulation in hemorrhagic type.

- plasticization of skull bone defects with an implant (titanium, acryl, etc.)

- removal of neoplasms of the spinal canal and spinal cord

- removal of hernias of intervertebral disks by the front access (cervical), back access with implants if necessary.

- decompressive operations for spinal stenosis (of various etiologies).

- installation of the pedicle locking system of the spine with its instability.

-   vertebroplasty in various pathologies of the spine.

- chemical dericep in the initial stages of herniated intervertebral discs


In addition, the clinic provides diagnosis and treatment:

• Brain diseases:

Brain tumors of various localization

   - Glial tumors

   - Meningiomas

   - Neuromas (schwanoma of the auditory nerve)

   - Metastatic lesion


   - Occlusive

   - Open

Traumatic brain injury

   - Brain concussion

   - Brain injuries

   - Intracranial hematomas

• Spinal cord and spinal disorders:

Spinal cord tumors

   - neuromas of the spinal roots

   - meningiomas

   - intramedullary tumors

Seringomyelitis cysts

Spinal stenosis

   - as a result of injury

   - due to developmental abnormalities

Herniated intervertebral discs

Vertebral injury

   - fractures

Spinal osteoporosis and its consequences

• Peripheral nervous system diseases:

Carpal syndrome

Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve.

Traumatic injury to peripheral nerves and tendons.


As well as a full range of examinations to assess the functional operability of the patient (CT, MRI, Angiography, CT angiography) and preoperative preparation of patients.

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