• Рассрочка от "Керуен-Medicus"

    Рассрочка от "Керуен-Medicus"
  • Modern medical center in Almaty with a wide range of services

    Trust our specialists and their methods, as well as our modern equipment.

    Modern medical center in Almaty with a wide range of services




Medical services programs

The clinic "Keruen-Medicus" offers medical programs for women and children.

Programs for women allow for medical monitoring of a woman’s condition, careful monitoring of her condition. Fetal intrauterine diagnosis of congenital malformations the fetus and the possibility of emergency medical care.

Check-up packages for You and Your family

An integrated diagnostic investigation minimizes the effect of risk factors and allows for identification of the disease at the earliest stage of the disease when it hasn’t been yet fully detrimental for system.

Standard Сheck-up Program

Extended Check-up Program

Standard Check-up for Children Program

Extended Check-up for Children Program

Check-up for Women Program

Check-up for Men Program

Lung Check-up Program

Eye Check-up Program

Future Mom Check-up Program

Gastrointestinal Tract Check-up Program

Liver Check-up Program

Diabetes Check-up Program

Ideal Weight Check-up Program

Parasites Check-up Program

Bone Check-up Program

Joints Check-up Program

Allergy Check-up Program

Thyroid Gland Check-up Program

STDs Check-up Program

Women’s Cancer Check-up Program

Men’s Cancer Check-up Program