Modern methods of microbiological diagnostics.

7 ноября 2018

Modern methods of microbiological diagnosis in acute exacerbation of chronic and acute forms of tonsillitis and pharyngitis in children.

Group A Streptococcus is one of the most important causes of acute upper respiratory tract infections.

Traditional procedures for identifying group A streptococcus from pharyngeal swabs include the isolation and subsequent identification of viable pathogens by techniques that require recognition for up to 48 hours or more.

In the laboratory of “Keruen-Medicus”, modern rapid tests are used to determine streptococcus A antigens from a pharyngeal swab, and the analysis results are prepared within 5 minutes.

FEATURES of this test:

* Accuracy - 96% sensitivity, 98% specificity compared to other culture methods

* Speed ​​- result within 5 minutes

*Quality control.

Early diagnosis and treatment of pharyngitis caused by group A streptococci reduces the severity of symptoms and further complications, such as rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis.

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