It's time to treat allergies

23 октября 2018

Existsthe view that allergies - a disease of our time. And this is partly true.High hygienic standards improved our health, but, on the other hand,excessive purity of care does not allow immunity to form correctly.The contribution is also brought by a bad ecological situation, as well as a widethe use of pesticides and medicines for growing plants and animals,distribution of food additives and flavors.

In the laboratory of the MC “Keruen-Medicus” you can pass a test for a large range of allergens.

An allergy test will help you with full confidence to detect the same allergen that causes undesirable reactions in the body and choose a course of treatment.  

For the convenience of patients, tests are combined into diagnostic panels. They allow you to accurately answer the question - whether these or other symptoms are caused by allergies, or the cause of tears, runny nose, rashes, you need to look for something else.

The advantage of modern immunological tests for allergens in our laboratory is their complete safety for the patient (as opposed to skin allergy tests, allergy tests of scarification).

To conduct a test for allergies, the patient takes blood in the morning, on an empty stomach.  

To select an adequate treatment, the results of the analysis of allergy in a child and an adult must be compared with the clinical picture of the disease.

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