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21 ноября 2018

Professionally, efficiently and safely

Liquid cytology is recognized at international congresses as an effective means of early detection of cervical cancer.

The results of numerous experiments and studies show that fluid cytology is more reliable and accurate in screening cervical cancer than a routine study.

Modern medicine does not stop there: in developed countries, a standard smear is replaced by a more effective study - liquid oncocytology, which has finally become available for women in Kazakhstan!

It is recommended to appoint:

• every woman over 21 years old at least 1 time per year

• at failures of a menstrual cycle

• when planning a pregnancy

• with infertility

• with long-term treatment with hormonal drugs

• with gynecological pathologies of viral etiology

• when unreasonable secretions appear from the vagina

• before installing contraception

It should be understood that the quality and accuracy of the results obtained depends on the quality of the material intake. High qualification of medical personnel is required, both for taking the material, and for carrying out analysis and its interpretation.

In our Center, the collection of such smears is carried out only by a gynecologist.

The best treatment is prevention.

Take care of your health and the health of your relatives, and remember that regular annual analysis of oncocytology allows timely detection of precancerous and malignant cervical diseases.

With care about your health,


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