We forge ahead to get new knowledge!

13 сентября 2018

We forge ahead to get new knowledge.

In collaboration with Siemens Healthineers, Vadim Olegovich Panov has been invited to our clinic

- Candidate of Medicine, Assistant Professor, Senior Research Scientist of NN Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center RAMS.

In collaboration, a number of investigations have been performed and diagnostic challenges successfully met.

Panov Vadim Olegovich, Author and co-Author of more than 270 research publications, 5 patents, 1 novel medical technology.

Work experience 23 years. Majors in magnetic resonance imaging, development and use of MR contrast agents.

Address: Almaty, 45/1, Bukhar Zhirau, Bayzakova str.

Inquiry phone: +7 (727)220 70 70,+ 7 (727) 338 40

По всем вопросам звоните:

220-70-70, 292-67-56, 293-08-77, 239-07-03, 293-09-66, +7- 777-300-00-03, 292-37-40 (бухгалтерия)

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