Keruen-Medicus therapeutics department offers services in diagnosis and management of internal diseases.

Our clinic affords a wide variety of therapeutic examinations including:


•          Consultation and diagnostic services for adults: GD, cardiologist

•          Functional diagnosis: ECG, Holter blood pressure daily monitoring, spirography

•          Treatment of respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular                

            diseases in collaboration with top-ranked doctors of Germany and South Korea

•          Temporary disability examination with issuance of a sick-leave certificate;  

            medical examinations, swimming-pool admission certificates including children

•          Healthcare services for corporate clients based on individual needs  

•          Family packages with assignment to a selected physician

•          Detailed and systemic check-up examinations

•          Day patient facility treatment

Cost of initial consultation of therapist – 6 500 KZT

For all questions, call:

220-70-70, 292-67-56, 293-08-77, 239-07-03, 293-09-66, +7- 777-300-00-03, 292-37-40 (бухгалтерия)

Or order a callback: