Neurosurgery department provide services including:


•          Microsurgical removal of brain tumors

•          Ventricular peritoneal shunts in hydrocephaly

•          Endoscopic third ventriculostomy

•          Removal of intracranial, intracerebral hematomas after injury  

            or subsequent to hemorrhagic stroke

•          Skull bone plasty using implants (titanium, acryl, etc.)

•          Removal of masses of the spinal canal and medulla

•          Removal of disk herniation using anterior approach (cervical) and 

            posterior approach using implants, if required

•          Decompression surgery of stenotic spinal canal of different origin

•           Transpedicular screw-fixation system for unstable spine

•          Vertebroplasty in various spinal abnormalities

•          Chemical vestibular dereception at early stages of spinal disc hernias

Cost of initial consultation of neurosurgeon – 7 500 KZT

For all questions, call:

220-70-70, 292-67-56, 293-08-77, 239-07-03, 293-09-66, +7- 777-300-00-03, 292-37-40 (бухгалтерия)

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