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Today, the clinic “Keruen-Medicus” has launched a project that in the future will change the development of domestic private medicine and bring it closer to the development of clinics at the international level.

In search of professionals

We strive for leadership in the market of medical services. Highly qualified personnel capable of competently diagnosing and treating various diseases of patients with high quality is the main resource of the Keruen-Medicus clinic.

If you are full of energy, enthusiasm and courage, are able to work in a team, and also have knowledge of the specifics of the work of medical organizations, we invite you to become part of the team at the Keruen-Medicus clinic.

Recruitment is carried out on a competitive basis in the following order:

If there is a vacant position, a vacancy announcement and qualification requirements for applicants are published on the website of the clinic “Keruen-Medicus”.

Applicants should send a detailed resume and send it to e-mail addresses with the name of the vacant position. Applications sent without indicating the name of the vacancy (s) in the subject or body of the letter are not considered.

The complex of selection procedures consists of 3 stages:

Stage I

Received resumes, human resources management department selects for compliance with the declared requirements.

Stage III

Selected applicants will be invited to conduct an interview at the level of the structural unit that has submitted an application and / or an internship for an examination of professional knowledge.

Stage IIII

Persons who have successfully completed an interview and internship are invited to an interview with the Director of the clinic “Keruen-Medicus”.


Please select a job below and attach your resume.




Требуемый опыт работы: 1–3 года


Оговаривается на собеседовании

  • кассовое обслуживание клиентов

  • прием и выдача наличных денежных средств

  • встреча и сопровождение пациентов

  • предварительная запись пациентов на прием к врачу

  • консультирование/информирование об услугах и стоимости услуг

  • обеспечение порядка в клинике

  • своевременная заработная плата

  • постоянное развитие

  • дружелюбный коллектив

  • соцпакет

  • -20% на медицинские услуги

  • высшее образование

  • навыки ведения телефонных переговоров

  • стрессоустойчивость

  • коммуникабельность

  • грамотная устная и письменная речь

  • знание государственного языка приветствуется

  • презентабельный внешний вид

  • владение ПК на уровне уверенного пользователя

  • желание развиваться



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